Pawnbrokers York

Need to raise cash fast and don’t want to sell your valuables?

Yorkshire Loan Pawnbrokers York provides loans against your Watches, Cars, Jewellery, Private Number Plates, Art, Boats and Horseboxes

We have an in-house valuations team along with an international network of qualified appraisers, auction house specialists and experienced dealers so that we can provide you with accurate estimates in a timely manner.

Simply call Yorkshire Loan today on 01423 313 540 or complete an online enquiry and we will come back to you with an offer by return. Once you have accepted the loan offer from Yorkshire Loan York we can instantly pay you.

You can pay back the loan from Yorkshire Loan York at any time during the loan term simply by paying off the loan amount and the outstanding interest due. Should you redeem the loan before the end of the loan term, there are no early redemption fees and no early exit fees. Furthermore Yorkshire Loan York only charge interest for the period on which the loan is outstanding e.g. you borrow the money for only one month – you pay only one month’s interest. Borrow the cash for two months – only pay two months interest and so on.

  • Loan against your assets to help you to create liquidity
  • Loan against your assets to help you manage short-term finance
  • Loan against your assets to help you release capital prior to sale
  • Loan against your assets to help you to facilitate new investments
  • Loan against your assets to help you to stop repossessions.

Collateral lending from pawnbrokers is a fast growing alternative to conventional methods of borrowing with customers unlocking funds secured against assets in their possession. No credit checks are carried out but all transactions require proof of ID.

Pawnbrokers York

To get an instant loan on your items today call Yorkshire Loan on 01423 313 540 or make an
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We provide a quick, hassle free and competitive way to obtain an instant cash loan for any purpose from £1k to £200k+.
We will consider any asset with a resale value and we will not undertake a credit check or affect your credit rating.

We lend up to 80% against the value of your assets which is usually at least 30% more than other lenders and our rates are lower than some credit cards and bank facilities.

All pawn loans are for a fixed term of 6 months. Minimum APR: 32.25% - Maximum APR: 69%

Representative Example: Total Credit: £2000. Loan term: 6 Months. Monthly interest rate: 3% (fixed). Interest for 6 months: £360. Amount repayable in one installment: £2360. 39.24% APR.

Risk Warning: If the loan is not repaid, the asset may be sold to to recover the debt.

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